By: 14 February 2022
ROTAIO® from Signus – approved clinical benefit

Clinical outcome and ROM analysis after single-level cervical total disc replacement using a cervical disc prosthesis

Does exact implant positioning play a central role in the clinical outcome of patients? YES!

The retrospective multicentre study by Dr Anna Lang (University Hospital Innsbruck) aimed to analyse the radiological and clinical correlation of iCOR and ROM after cTDR. A total of 53 segments were analysed – pre-op and 12 months follow-up.

The determination of the iCOR describes the quality of motion. Furthermore, a correlation of the correct placement of cTDR to preserve of a physiological iCOR was found. The changes of these parameters and their clinical relevance have not been analysed for most current devices. Therefore, the aim of this study was to analyse the radiological and clinical correlation of iCOR and ROM following cTDR.

When connecting the clinical and radiological parameters, a significant correlation between NDI and implant position (Pearson’s R: -0.39; p<0.01) was found.

Many thanks to Raylytic for the excellent cooperation in the field of statistical and imaging evaluations.


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European Spine Journal [(2021) 30:3328- 3414]

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