Sacrix develops new iteration of SacroFuse for sacroiliac joint support

US-based medical device company Sacrix has developed the third iteration of the SacroFuse threaded compression device for immediate stabilisation of the sacroiliac joint for pain relief and ultimately fusion.

The new design features a screw and cage hybrid with three different thread combinations that is self-drilling, self-tapping and compresses across the sacroiliac joint.

During development of the third iteration of SacroFuse, Sacrix created more space for graft containment equivalent to over 1cc.

As a result, Sacrix claims to have the largest volume of space within its device for bone graft while maintaining superior biomechanical strength and increased pull-out strength over its previous design.

The instrumentation is now simplified to allow for a two-step technique with a 1.5cm incision, 100% percutaneous under fluoroscopy and bloodless.

Oscar Herrera, senior engineer and product manager of SacroFuse, said: “This new hybrid implant is designed to ease insertion and maximise osteointegration. Improvements to instrumentation supporting the efficient technique and a ‘letter sized’ footprint system case punctuate the release.

These updates will enhance the user experience, while offering a safe, effective and simple solution to sacroiliac joint dysfunction.”

Dr Kingsley R Chin, an inventor and board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, praised the development process that resulted in this new version of SacroFuse.

“I think that having an orthopedic spine surgeon develop this device and technique resulted in a strong device for reliable fixation,” Dr Chin said, “but then having pain management and interventional physicians to give feedback pushed us to revolutionise the technique to make it the ultimate percutaneous less invasive technique with the aid of fluoroscopy.”