By: 20 October 2020
Neurokinex launches emergency Step Up Appeal to protect vital services

Neurokinex, a specialist spinal cord injury rehabilitation charity, has launched an emergency fundraising appeal to support people with a newly acquired spinal cord injury.

Prior to the COVID-19 lockdown, Neurokinex operated the Newly Injured Scheme, which awards six free sessions to those newly injured or diagnosed and referred by the NHS. The service is a lifeline for many, giving them access to the unique Neurokinex services that can have life-changing results. However, it comes at a price, costing £420 per person. Without additional fundraising, it is under serious threat of being withdrawn.

To help protect this service, Neurokinex launched its Step Up Appeal in June, to raise £25,000 to ensure newly injured people can access its services once lockdown is lifted. The Step Up Appeal is looking for individual donations while a number of Neurokinex clients are setting themselves personal challenges and seeking sponsorship in support of their efforts.

It is estimated by the Spinal Injuries Association that 2,500 people are injured or diagnosed with a spinal cord injury every year. Neurokinex works to support those living with a spinal cord injury, providing vital rehabilitation programmes.

“It’s great to have facilities that spinal cord injured individuals can access after their inpatient hospital admission has come to an end,” says Kirsten Hart, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. “The six free sessions on offer for new injuries is a hugely important resource that helps to bridge the gap between discharge and access to community professionals facilitating community reintegration. The feedback received from returning patients, having been treated by Neurokinex, is that the team is fun and dynamic. They all see Neurokinex as a very important part of their long-term rehabilitation and fitness regime, so it’s vital we continue to ensure we can keep services like theirs running.”

“Like so many other charities, we have been hit hard by COVID-19 forcing our closure and suspending people’s rehabilitation,” says Harvey Sihota, founder and director of Neurokinex.

“Now, more than ever before, we need support from the public and hope that our Step Up Appeal will raise the necessary funds to keep our referral service going. We have a waiting list of hopeful beneficiaries who are waiting for lockdown to lift before starting their rehabilitation with us. Our hope is that by the end of Autumn we have the funds in place to start them on our programme with no further delay.”

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