By: 2 October 2018
Harley Street Spine launches new website

Recognising the influence of the internet when patients are seeking medical guidance, Harley Street Spine has launched a new website featuring updates on its services and expertise.

Mr Bob Chatterjee, Director and lead surgeon of the practice, has upgraded the online portal offering patients and medical referrers a chance to further understand a range of potential conditions and the treatment pathways associated with them.

An increasing number of people are looking online to assess their health as they find it is becoming harder to get a doctor’s appointment. Providing accurate and updated medical information online is now fundamental for guiding patients to an experienced and qualified specialist.

Mr Chatterjee says: “With the internet era, there is an awful lot of information out there regarding spinal conditions and their treatment. However, I would caution, that a lot of it can be either generalising or misleading and that it should be your surgeon’s job to put the information in context to you on an individual basis.”

The new website offers all the locations for consultation and places of surgery, with dedicated online appointment forms for the patient, GP and Allied Professional referral and international referral forms.

Visit the website at