By: 10 April 2018
Why commercial medical indemnity is the future


The foundations of Bespoke Medical Indemnity

Andy Foley
Passionate about sports and with early ambitions of a career in football. Andy moved into medical indemnity insurance after a 16-year career in medical recruitment and technology in 2010.

“I was on the board of Finsbury Orthopaedics – a global distributor of orthopaedic implants – at the time, and I started advising surgeons on business development. This is when I realised themedical indemnity insurance market was changing.”

Armed with this knowledge, Andy founded his company and has many satisfied clients which are in no small part due to his specialist market knowledge and exceptional communication skills. “Understanding the challenges faced by clinicians, and being able to articulate it to underwriters, is essential.” says Andy.

These challenges include having a thorough understanding of the potential risks faced by consultants in private practice. Many clinicians work in a variety of situations, mixing private work with the NHS, and many rely on the medical defence unions to provide cover. However, this cover is not always adequate to cover all aspects of a consultant’s work, and Andy has seen many clinicians opt for commercial insurance instead.

“Some clinicians are slightly nervous about moving from a medical defence union (Mutuals) to commercial insurance. But with so much discussion around discretionary indemnity provided by Mutuals, I am convinced that commercial insurance is the future.”


The future of indemnity

So, what does the future hold? With indemnity costs continuing to rise on a yearly basis and private medical insurers pushing fees down, clinicians can benefit from looking for cover outside of the traditional medical defence union avenues. “I really enjoy interacting with clinicians, trying to make it easy for them to practice,” says Andy. “And at Bespoke Medical Indemnity we recognise that affordability is a challenge for clinicians trying to participate in private practice.”

How can Andy & Bespoke Medical Indemnity help?

Taking care of your medical indemnity not only helps to reduce your fixed costs, but also provides contract-certain cover that protects you and your family. Bespoke Medical Indemnity can offer medical indemnity insurance advice and solutions to consultants whatever your speciality or workload, with a personalised approach to help you find the best deal for your practice.

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