By: 11 January 2018
Qspine launches single-use, illuminated retractor system

QSpine, an independent British manufacturer, launched the SURE™ Single Use Retractor at NASS 2017. The SURE System (patent pending) offers the surgeon a radiolucent, modular, single use retractor, which efficiently illuminates the surgical site with integrated LED light cartridges attached to the blades. This delivers superior illumination to traditional overhead lights or headlights.

SURE Single Use Retractors are delivered sterile which eliminates the need for sterilisation and cleaning. This leads to improved OR efficiency, saving time and money.

Single Use instruments have been shown to reduce infection [1] and the SURE Retractor should eliminate the possible cross-contamination risk that exists with current reusable retractors.

Manufactured in the UK from an aeronautical grade polymer, the radiolucent blades are strong enough to cope with any retraction needed.

Forbes Butterfield, technical director at QSpine, commented; “Many surgical disciplines have recognised the multiple benefits of sterile, single-use products and the orthopaedic market is starting to follow. The product has been designed to offer real benefits to patients, surgeons, staff and hospitals in general. The feedback from UK surgeons has been fantastic and we looked forward to showing the product at NASS.”

Reference: 1. Single-use instrumentation in posterior lumbar fusion could decrease incidence of surgical site infection: S Litrico, G Recanati, A Gennari, C Maillot, M Saffarini, J-C Le Huec, : Eur J Orthopaedic Surg Tramatology 01/2015