By: 7 November 2017
Breakthrough rehab treatment comes to Neurokinex Watford


The Neurokinex specialist neurological activity-based rehabilitation centre in Watford is now offering the unique Reeve NeuroRecovery® Network-accredited Wide Pulse Stimulation (WPS) protocol to clients with spinal cord injuries.

WPS uses perfectly targeted electrical impulses to stimulate hard-to-reach parts of the spinal cord via the muscles. Neurokinex Gatwick was appointed as the first centre in Europe to deliver the unique NRN WPS for spinal cord injury rehabilitation: now its Watford site will be offering the treatment.

Neurokinex Watford offers three specific programmes, which consist of 20 one-hour sessions, to target upper extremity, core and lower extremity, respectively.

The WPS rehabilitation programme has been designed to suit individuals looking to make neurological and functional movement gains through task-specific physical activities that are augmented with a specialised form of neurological electrical stimulation that targets the spinal cord via the muscles while they work to complete an exercise.

The stimulation is so advanced and sophisticated that it can even be used on old injuries, bringing fresh hope to people who have lived with paralysis for many years and may believe their rehabilitation is complete.

“Until recently, people living with spinal cord injury and neurological impairments wishing to access therapies offered by the NRN had to travel to the US,” says Jane Symonds, centre lead at Neurokinex Watford.

“Now that Neurokinex is approved to deliver this ground-breaking WPS protocol, people in the UK and Europe have access to this amazing technology and equipment much closer to home. I have seen some astounding progress among clients at our Gatwick site and am very excited to be able to now offer the WPS treatment at Watford.”

Not-for-profit Neurokinex provides specialised neurological activity-based rehabilitation for individuals living with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other such neuromuscular impairments. Its activity-based rehabilitation stimulates and loads the nervous and muscular systems to promote neurological performance and recovery, while improving overall health, independence and wellbeing. Neurokinex combines a range of assisted activities – such as stand and locomotor training, electrical stimulation, balance and vibration therapy – with the latest equipment, including electrical stimulation devices, anti-gravity systems and Europe’s first specialised bodyweight–supported locomotor training protocol, to take its clients’ rehab to the next level.

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