By: 17 April 2017
SIRAKOSS granted two patents for bone graft technologies

SIRAKOSS Ltd, a medical device company based in Aberdeen, has announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted two patents for its bone graft technologies.

The company’s patent portfolio encompasses advanced synthetic bone graft technologies that, according to SIRAKOSS, provide consistently effective bone regeneration without the established risks found by using either autograft or therapeutics-based products such as BMPs.

Patent US 9,492,591 describes novel formulations of putty products, where the SIRAKOSS core technology may be combined with modified resorbable polymer carriers to produce a bone graft with improved handling characteristics and enhanced efficacy.

The second patent (US 9,492,585) describes a range of bone graft technologies with specific microstructural properties that expands the potential products that SIRAKOSS can develop.

The company’s proprietary technology is entirely synthetic, containing no human tissue, and can be manufactured in consistent, high-quality batches. Surgeon feedback on pre-clinical performance data and handling properties of the bone graft substitutes, when compared with other products on the market, has been very encouraging.

Brian Butchart (pictured), CEO of SIRAKOSS, said: “The granting of these two patents endorses the breadth of our technology and provides SIRAKOSS further protection for its unique product offerings in the largest single market for bone graft substitutes.”