By: 29 March 2017
Neurokinex: redefining possibilities for people with paralysis


Neurokinex is the UK’s leading provider of neurological activity-based rehabilitation. With sites at Watford, Bristol and Crawley, Neurokinex is the only European affiliate of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation’s Neuro Recovery Network.

Neurokinex sets out to ‘redefine possibilities’ for people with a spinal cord injury. Its programmes stimulate and load the entire nervous and musculoskeletal systems through carefully crafted, task-specific exercises with the assistance of skilled therapists.

Its diverse range of specialised rehabilitative equipment includes ground-breaking protocols from the Neuro Recovery Network comprising locomotor training and NMES electrical stimulation. Neurokinex uses bodyweight-supported gait systems, functional electrical stimulation, specialised balance trainers, and strength and fitness equipment to deliver rich, varied programmes.

Activities include weight-bearing exercises, balance and stand training, gait and locomotor training, electrical stimulation, upper and lower body ergometry, vibration therapy and strength training.


Neurokinex clients take part in activities such as active standing, cycling, walking and rowing, tailored to their neurological impairment. This offers people a multitude of benefits including improvements in neurological function, muscle bulk and quality, cardiovascular health, strength and stamina, balance and trunk control, skin and bone health, range of motion and psychological wellbeing.

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