By: 28 December 2016
MEDICREA launches lifetime warranty for its patient-specific UNiD™ constructs

The Medicrea Group, a manufacture of personalised analytical services and implant solutions for the treatment of complex spinal conditions, announced in October that the company will implement a lifetime warranty on its patient-specific UNiD™ technology. The warranty will cover all UNiD™ Thoracolumbar Rods, UNiD™ Cervical Rods and all associated Medicrea components implanted in the US from November 1, 2016.

Denys Sournac, president and CEO, said: “Because of the overwhelmingly positive results obtained in all of the 950 plus UNiD™ patient-specific cases performed to date and our confidence in the science behind UNiD™ technology, Medicrea is taking the extra step to warranty each patient-specific implanted construct for the duration of the patient’s life. This is a true testament to our belief that, by offering surgical planning services with a patient-specific device, Medicrea is eliminating the inherent risks and associated costs to the healthcare system that are created by manually bending a rod during surgery.”