By: 14 October 2016
IntraSPINE® Dynamic Interlaminar Device

IntraSPINE is a full motion preservation device, in flexion as well as in extension, due to its unique position close to the I.A.R., and its specific elastic deformation zones.

IntraSPINE will respect the sagittal balance, unload the facets, reopen the neuroforamens and decrease the charges on the disc, and so, consequently, will benefit the patient in the following main indications:

Early disc degeneration with black disc and facet syndrome

Soft and/or dynamic stenosis as well as foraminal stenosis

Big expelled disc hernias in young patients to avoid collapse of the disc after surgery.

IntraSPINE features a fast and simple procedure with a monolateral approach. More than 40,000 devices have been sold so far since 2007.


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