By: 20 January 2016
Spine Injury Solutions boosted by new certificates

Spine Injury Solutions boosted by new certificates

Medtech group Spine Injury Solutions  (OTC:SPIN) added 2.38% to US$0.43 as it got key certifications for its Quad Video HALO System.

The device is a medical real-time video and documentation accessory and it means it has now completed requirements for sales and marketing of medical applications under both US and EU standards.

Dr William Donovan, chief of Spine Injury Solutions, said: “The QVH has undergone rigorous internal testing and has been used to great success in conjunction with SPIN’s medical affiliates in a diagnostic program for treating more than a thousand spine injury cases.

“The QVH not only provides protection for the medical provider, through secure video transparency and real-time documentation of the procedures, but also gives great comfort to the patient knowing his or her medical provider will ‘do his best’ in performing the procedure.”

He added: “Two years ago we realized the potential of the QVH. And, that with modifications, it could be expanded dramatically outside our own needs, not only for use with the tens of thousands of fluoroscopes (both fixed and portable) currently in service, but also in operating rooms world-wide.”

The firm says it’s now been in discussions with various groups about sales, leasing and marketing of the QVH both in the USA and Europe with focus on teaching hospitals, pain management groups, factoring companies, who deal with personal injury A/R cases, ER/ urgent care centers and hospitals.

Source: Proactive Investors