By: 7 December 2014
Schein’s common sense: Great surgeons know how to manage complications
Book_review_surgical complications

Book_review_surgical complications

This issue’s reviews were written by Firas Arnaout, Speciality Doctor in Trauma and Orthopaedics, Worcester Royal Hospital, Worcester

Schein’s common sense prevention and management of surgical complications

Good surgeons operate well, but great surgeons know how to manage their own complications. This is why the authors have attempted the brave step of writing this book about surgical complications in a practical, informal, internationally relevant format in a humorous way.

This book tackles an important, yet mostly ignored topic for the practising surgeon and the surgeon in training. It takes a comprehensive look at surgical complications, focusing on prevention, recognition and management.

Included is a complete text of surgical complications covering the prevention and treatment of each possible complication to help the surgeon to become safer. This book is fun to read. It is clearly assembled and well illustrated with highlighted text, useful tables and cartoons.

The book comes in 576 pages and the chapters include:

  • Definitions and classification of surgical complications
  • Preventing morbidity and mortality
  • Haemostasis and bleeding
  • Postoperative infections and wound dehiscence
  • Dealing with patients, families and lawyers
  • The developing world and rural situations
  • The intensive care unit
  • Lessons learned from trauma complications

This book provides a wealth of practical information for the surgeon to improve patient outcomes by both reducing the likelihood of complications and by skilful recognition and management once they occur.

Title: Schein’s common sense: Great surgeons know how to manage complications
Authors: M. Stein, P.N. Rogers, A. Leppaniemi & D. Rosin
Publisher: tfm Publishing
Price: £60
ISBN: 978-1-9033789-3-9