By: 22 September 2014

Ever since surgical discectomy procedures have been performed on the spine, whether involving laminectomy or laminotomy, surgeons have had to learn to deal with the consequence of the scarring process: post-operative FIBROSIS. Whatever its predisposing factors, which may be genetic or biological in nature, the bio-chemical pathway leading to fibrosis formation is difficult to control. When it comes to anatomical structures such as spinal cord, dura and nerve roots, the degree of complexity increases giving surgeons a very hard time in the fight against the onset of adhesions.

Innovative and advanced surgical techniques have helped spine surgeons attain better results and achieve therapeutic goals, but more often than not very little can be done to control biological processes despite efforts like reduced bleeding, minimally-invasive approaches and haemostasis. Over the past few decades, different methodologies have been tested in an attempt to address the problem efficiently and predictably, but few have been successful.

Oxiplex (a.k.a. MedishieldTM and Oxiplex/SP®) was introduced in 2002 as the solution of choice, and today it still maintains leadership in terms of effectiveness and safety profile. To date, over 375,000 patients worldwide have been successfully treated, and Oxiplex has become the reference gel-formulated Adhesion-barrier, thanks to its unique resorbable and bio-compatible composition. Oxiplex offers the advantages of a totally synthetic formulation and associates the benefits of appropriate coverage with the simplicity of quick and easy application, and a long-lasting shelf-life. Its safety profile and effectiveness have been demonstrated by a large number of peer-reviewed, published clinical studies, performed on several continents by some of the world’s leading spine centres. The product is manufactured by FzioMed Inc. in California, and is available in most countries outside the US through an efficient network of specialised distributors. For more information, visit FzioMed’s website or contact directly.