By: 22 September 2014

When it comes to spine surgery, Pinnacle Spine believes in creating better outcomes for patients, surgeons and hospitals. That’s why we developed the patented InFill® Graft Delivery System designed to deliver autogenous graft material to the interbody device in situ, providing a more complete fill of the disc space for a more robust fusion column. Our entire family of InFill interbody devices is predicated on this Graft Delivery

System, and includes features such as large single graft chambers and unique angled vents to allow for better graft-to-host bone contact and the complete filling of the disc space.  Together, these innovations are expanding the surgeons’ playbook, offering improved flexibility, graft material contact, and probability of forming a robust fusion column.

Pinnacle Spine Group was founded with the focused goal of developing innovative medical devices, conceived in the operating room, for surgical procedures of the spine.  For more information visit