By: 16 December 2013

Another highly successful Verity Extremity CT Roadshow has just taken place at Cardiff University Hospital UK where over 40 participants watched leading independent medical equipment supplier Xograph Healthcare demonstrate the many benefits of this innovative new unit.

Intended for pre- and postoperative imaging with higher resolution, patient adaptability, and significantly lower dose than conventional full-body CT, the Verity Extremity CT Scanner is unlike any other 3D imaging device and has the advantage of facilitating weight-bearing imaging of the lower limbs.

Simon Pike, Verity Product Manager at Xograph Healthcare, said: “The UK and Ireland tour of this revolutionary unit continues and it is great to see keen audiences who are continually impressed by the many features and benefits the unit displays; image quality, and the added dimensions CBCT adds is astounding and the dose comparable to plain film radiography.”

Sian Hewson, a Band 6 Radiographer from Cardiff University Hospital commented of the unit: “I’ve heard of mobile scanners before but I’ve never actually seen one. The unit is so compact, can be taken to the patient and will fit in a small space. I like the look of the unit and the images. If it has comparable dose to plain film imaging, as claimed, then it is definitely worth considering as a replacement in some cases.”

Aamer Iqubal, Radiography ST1 said: “I’ve not seen anything like this; it seems very useful and it will make the positioning of patients with fractures of the extremities a lot easier.”