By: 16 December 2013

AxiaLIF Plus MIS features Implants and instrumentation which enable up to two level Lumbar fusion with the least possible trauma to surrounding tissue of any form of fusion, providing excellent immediate fixation and longer term fusion. We believe that the use of the AxiaLIF Minimally Invasive Lumbar Fusion System lends itself to being used in conjunction with our VEO Lateral Access Cage System in the treatment of Degenerative Scoliosis cases. No Studies have been carried out on this view – are you interested? When using AxiaLIF Plus, the lumbar spine is accessed through a minimally invasive incision adjacent to the sacrum. This atraumatic tissue plane alleviates the need for the surgeon to cut through soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments thus minimising iatrogenic injury.

AxiaLIF Plus offers tremendous benefits to your Patient and the system itself allows for simple effective distraction as well as secure fixation / fusion.

  • A new, alternative approach to traditional fusion procedures
  • Offers benefits of a minimally invasive procedure
  • Expandable in-situ sizing
  • Extensive surgical training programme