By: 1 September 2011

Controlled Anatomical Restoration

  • Cranio-caudal expansion to restore sagittal local angulation
  • Adaptation of implants expansion to restore coronal angulation
  • Adaptation of implants positioning for endplate restoration

The SpineJack system is designated for the reduction of mobile spinal fractures due to osteoporosis, trauma and malignant lesions.

To be used in combination with validated PMMA bone cement, via transpedicular approach.

As for any other weight-bearing joint, spine fractures deserve to be treated by a stable anatomical reduction and stabilisation. These both steps combined allow for a biomechanical restoration due to an early mobilisation and weight bearing.

Anatomical reduction means, restoration of the geometry of the whole vertebral body; the cortical ring and endplates.

  • Cortical ring reduction consists of vertebral angle restoration which is the key for kyphosis management and consecutive adjacent fracture avoidance.
  • Vertebral endplate restoration has been described as having a positive influence on disc creeping, disc degeneration, compensatory curvatures or facet joint arthritis.

Within this context, VEXIM has designed the SpineJack implant to provide clinicians with a fully controlled and comprehensive solution for VCF treatment enabling first an anatomical reduction and second a safe stabilisation.

Bring clinically and scientifically proven solutions to minimally invasive treatment of patients suffering from spinal trauma disorders