Medicrea’s fully ceramic cervical disc GRANVIA®-c

GRANVIA-c ushers in the next generation in cervical disc prostheses, being the first mobile cervical disc made entirely of high-tech ceramics for superior friction coupling and maximum wear-resistance. It is formed of three parts: a mobile insert with an integrated compressible PEEK ring for shock absorption, set between two endplates.

The device is highly mobile and offers 6 degrees of kinematic freedom fully respecting natural motion. To perfectly mimic the physiological mobility, GRANVIA-cs innovative design combines two differentiated centres of rotation : the inferior for flexion/extension and the superior for lateral bending. The GRANVIA-c is exceptionally user-friendly as it is provided sterile and pre-assembled on the inserter with basic single-use instrumentation also available. Being fully ceramic, the device is perfectly MRI compatible with zero artifacts at the implant level offering improved clinical follow-up. Since the recent launch of GRANVIA-c in September 2010, over 300 discs have already been implanted in Europe. The disc is available in 2 footprints and 3 heights (5 6 and 7mm) with additional sizes being launched imminently.

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