Zimmer Spine EMEA

Zimmer Spine EMEA, headquartered in Bordeaux (France), develops, produces and markets the highest quality spine products and services that repair, replace and regenerate spine health.

Zimmer Spines comprehensive and growing portfolio includes state-of-the-art technologies for Thoracolumbar and Cervical pathologies.

In Thoracolumbar Fusion, Zimmer Spine offers the latest spinal fixation systems, Instinct™ Java, and Sequoia, and other innovative solutions including the Universal Clamp™ implant. Additionally, Zimmer Spine proposes a full range of Trabecular MetalTM cages, a unique highly porous material designed to replicate the shape, structure, elasticity and weight bearing characteristics of bone.

Zimmer Spine also has a leading presence in Dynamic Stabilization with the Dynesys system the Wallis Implant and the brand-new UniwallisTM Posterior Dynamic Stabilization System.