2®MIS K-wireless system”>

2®MIS K-wireless system”>

A new milestone in minimally invasive spine surgery

With its new ROMEO2MIS system, Spineart has created a new milestone in minimally invasive spine surgery by offering the surgeons the first minimally invasive K-wireless spinal fixation system.

Minimally invasive percutaneous pedicle screws have revolutionised spinal surgery. However, the greatest single limitation to all existing MIS screw systems is their absolute reliance on implantation via traverse of a Kirschner wire states William Blake Rodgers, MD from Jefferson City, Missouri, USA.

The opportunity to remove the K-wire from the surgery predicts favourably for marked improvements in procedural efficiency, infection risk, and radiation exposure, he continues.

The K-wireless option is designed to enable the surgeons to reduce intraoperative x-rays, reduce the risk of a k-wire migration or handling problems by simultaneously reducing the learning curve associated with common MIS techniques.

In addition to the K-wireless option, the ROMEO2MIS system contains features such as the possibility for micro-open, pure percutaneous or hybrid approach techniques, a bilateral controlled and progressive spondylolisthesis reduction capacity and the synergy effect with the JULIETTL and JULIETOL cage range.

Furthermore, the ROMEO2MIS system contains an integrated self retaining MIS retractor system allowing an ipsilateral parallel distraction of the vertebral bodies in order to facilitate decompression and cage insertion.