By: 1 September 2010

The Next Regeneration

Biocomposites is a privately held pioneering developer, manufacturer and distributor of synthetic, tissue regeneration products. The company has developed a broad range of products that addresses the clinical and economic needs of medical specialties in orthopaedics and dentistry. Research, manufacturing, marketing and international sales are directed from the company's headquarters in Keele, UK. Sales companies are also based in Wilmington, NC and Shanghai.

Biocomposites unrivalled knowledge of calcium technologies has led to the development of geneX. A unique, fully resorbable bone graft material with a controlled, reproducible, negative surface charge. This stimulates the gene expression of proteins which directs the adhesion and proliferation of bone forming cells for rapid osteogenesis and bone formation. geneX is the only stand alone material other than BMPs to achieve posterolateral fusion in the New Zealand White rabbit Boden model.

Visit us at EuroSpine, booth 25.