By: 1 September 2010

The M6®-C Artificial Cervical Disc

The M6®-C Artificial Cervical Disc

The M6-C artificial cervical disc offers an innovative option for artificial cervical disc replacement because of its unique design which is based on a natural discs qualities.

Engineered to replicate your own disc, the M6-C is the only artificial disc that incorporates an artificial nucleus (made from polyurethane) and a woven fiber annulus (made from polyethylene). The M6-C artificial nucleus and annulus are designed to provide the same motion characteristics of a natural disc.

Together, the M6-Cs artificial nucleus and annulus provide compressive capabilities along with a controlled range of natural motion along each vertebra. This natural motion is designed to provide the freedom to move your neck naturally while minimising the stress to adjacent discs and other important spinal joints.

The M6-C Cervical Disc Replacement Device is produced in Silicone Valley by Spinal Kinetics Inc, and distributed throughout the UK by Lindare Medical Ltd, the Kent based Distributor of innovative Spinal Implants and Bone grafting material. Contact the Company for further details.