Haag-Streit UK is pleased to announce the release of the new Hi-R700 Spinal surgical microscope. The Hi-R700 is M��r-Wedels new multi-functional spinal microscope, individual configuration for your spinal surgery needs. During surgery, time is an essential factor, explains Steve Derham, Microscope Product Manager for Haag-Streit UK. Thanks to an easy balance system and precise positioning of the M��r Hi-R700 there is less requirement for re-adjustment.

The Hi-R700 incorporates an ingenious Centre Axis system which allows for more natural movement and precise positioning through effortless rotation in all three axes. The Hi-R700 has impressive optical image clarity and is highly economical due to its modular design. Furthermore, a large 25mm stereo base is also incorporated in the Hi-R700, which provides realistic images and amazing depth perception.

Like all products from Haag-Streit UK, the Hi-R700 is supported by an after-sales service of the highest quality. Proven maintenance programmes ensure that Haag-Streit UK guarantee dependable whole-life technical support.

For further information regarding the Hi-R700, or any other Haag-Streit products, please contact Haag-Streit UK customer services.