Cover Feature: BONE SUPPORT

With CERAMENT|SPINE SUPPORT, which is intended for use in vertebral compression fractures (VCF), BONESUPPORT has developed the unique treatment alternative, Ceramic Vertebral Augmentation (CVA). The new CVA-treatment is made possible through the combination of patented materials and mixing and delivery systems technology. It offers a range of benefits, among the more important are:

Radiopaque. CERAMENT is easily traced in fluoroscopy.

High penetrability. Bone is uniformly reinforced and held in position for future bone ingrowth.

Non-exothermic. A biocompatible setting temperature.

Fully biocompatible.

Naturally controlled bone ingrowth. Calcium sulfate is gradually resorbed, leaving space for bone ingrowth, while the hydroxyapatite armors the osteoporotic bone.

Osteoconductive. Bone healing in voids is enhanced.