The Spinos Implant

Spinos is an innovative implant for use in the treatment of low back pain. It enables the distance between the spinous processes to be maintained, while preserving full mobility.

The in-situ continuous adjustability of the interspinous distance affords dynamic stabilisation of the spinal motion segment, whilst effectively preventing narrowing of the neural foramina and excessive loading of the facet joints. At the same time all anatomical structures, including the supraspinous ligament, are preserved intact.

With the infinitely variable adjustability of distance in-situ, the functional requirements of the individual spinal motion segment can be re-established. At the same time, flexible contact areas on the spinous processes help to prevent bony atrophy and peak loading. The cone shaped, tapered point facilitates insertion of the implant into the interspinous space.

Bevelled edges allow good adaptation to the existing individual anatomy and permit simultaneous application at adjacent levels.

The implant is placed in the interspinous space using the combined holder-distractor forceps and expanded until the adequate supraspinous ligament tension is restored or the vertebral end plates are parallel, respectively. Through this gentle approach, the anatomical structures are preserved intact, kyphosis is prevented and peak loading of the spinous processes is avoided.

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