NuNec™ Cervical Arthroplasty System

With the introduction of the P3 (Pioneer PEEK-on-PEEK) line, Pioneer has exceeded in innovative motion preserving devices with the NuBac, BacJac and NuNec systems.

Pioneers P3 motion preservation products offer excellent wear resistance, established biocompatibility, biodurability and radiolucency.

Recently, the P3 line is extended with the introduction of the NuNec Cervical Arthroplasty System. It can be considered as a next generation cervical Total Disc Replacement (TDR). The NuNec features a unique cam locking mechanism which provides optimum fixation without keel cutting as well as an HA coating on the outer surfaces of the PEEK plates to facilitate consistent fixation. Unlike many cervical disc devices, the radiolucency of the PEEK material in NuNec causes no artifact in MRI or CT imaging.