Vertebroplasty Procedures Simplified For Nursing Staff and

In order to support the growing number of vertebroplasty procedures taking place, Summit Medical have added new products to their range of bone cement mixing products in the form of the Minimix LV and a Precision Delivery Syringe. These devices mix and deliver PMMA bone cement in a simple, quick and effective manner, with direct transfer of the bone cement from the mixing chamber to the delivery syringe, which then attaches, via a catheter, to the luer lock on the vertebroplasty needle. The need to mix in one device and aspirate into a separate syringe is therefore negated, making the whole procedure much easier for the nursing staff.

Summit have drawn on their extensive knowledge of bone cement mixing device manufacture when designing the Minimix LV, which incorporates the patented rotational axis mixing paddle and which is operated at the optimal vacuum of 550mmHg – allowing for reduced porosity of the bone cement and effective fume removal for the staff.

The Minimix LV has a luer lock to allow standard syringes to be connected directly to the mixer. The transfer of low viscosity PMMA directly into a syringe is therefore quick and easy, giving the Interventional Radiologist the flexibility of either using delivery syringes of their choice, or the Minimix Precision Delivery Syringe. The Minimix Precision Delivery Syringe has been specifically designed for use in vertebroplasty procedures and will hold up to 10cc of bone cement and comes with a 200mm catheter. Fine control can be achieved by applying the screw thread, thus ensuring that only small amounts of bone cement are delivered at a time, in a controlled manner.