Managing Director Of Medicrea UK (Subsidiary)

Q How long has Medicrea been working in the UK?

A We launched Medicrea in the UK in October 2005 with a specific focus on trialling a new sales strategy that was direct to surgeon and hospital end-user rather than through distributors which has been the model in Europe thus far. We’ve developed a sales team that has the technical expertise to perform whilst in theatre, demonstrating Medicrea products from surgical screws for our Polyaxial Spine System (PASS Med) to our Impix C+ pre-filled cervical cages and the necessary tools to ease the implant process.

Q What’s unique about Medicrea and how does it fit in within the Spinal Surgery industry here in the UK?

A Within the UK we are still a small company but part of a global group which allows us to be innovative and competitive with in the marketplace. All this gives us the ability to work intimately at all levels within the NHS and private sectors. Medicrea has this ability to take our customers’ comments and ideas seriously due to its highly effective manufacturing base located nearby in La Rochelle, France.

Q The UK is such a unique healthcare market – what made Medicrea, a French-based company – start up an office here?

A It’s very important to Medicrea to prove to spinal surgeons in the United Kingdom that we truly understand both their own and their patient’s unique needs. We know how crucial it is to surgeons that the products they use are efficient and have less ‘fiddle-factor’, for patients that they are the most cutting-edge with minimal side effects and for those working within the NHS, that these cutting-edge products are also the best value for money.

Q What is Medicrea’s current relationship like with surgeons in the industry?

A We’ve got great relationships with surgeons, both here in the UK, the US and in Europe. In fact, all of our products are created in partnership with surgeons so our range is truly reflective of what the industry needs. Also, for surgeons here in the UK who want to know more about Medicrea products or wish to have an interactive exchange with one of our conceptors, we offer a trip to the manufacturing base in France to see Medicrea products in situ. We would then invite them to theatres to see the products of interest used in the hands of the surgeon who developed them.

Q The C-JAWS Compressive Staple – how is that going to improve the industry or indeed ‘usher in a brand new era in arthrodesis’ as you claim?

A Well, just in the past few months C-JAWS has received FDA approval for use in the United States and it has been used here in the UK for the last couple of years. It’s hugely innovative because arthrodesis has traditionally been achieved using bone graft or an intersomatic cage and secured using a screwed in plate. The traditional procedure is time-consuming, requires a larger incision and more lateral distraction. C-JAWS is a new system that works by plastic deformation of a titanium implant that results in intervertebral compression. C-JAWS also works with our Impix C and C+ cervical cages which come both empty and pre-filled – another excellent efficiency for surgeons.

Q So this means that surgeries will be better for surgeons – what about patients?

A This is our number one priority. Efficiency is only positive if it leads to betterment of the patient and our goal is ALWAYS patient focused. In Europe, we are conducting a clinical study of the 100 post-operative patients who have already undergone the surgery, plus a further 100 prospective patients due to undergo the procedure in the near future. This study seeks to obtain an objective assessment and a precise measurement of the reduction – and even the elimination – of post-operative pain, as well as the acceleration of bone fusion time, two of the major benefits for the patient observed by French surgeons using our implant. Ultimately, we want to transform the industry by reaching the absolutely highest level of patient safety while at the same time offering 100% surgeon satisfaction.