By: 1 September 2007

Surgical Monitoring Made Easy - Magstim Combines Cortical Stimulation With Neurosign®

Effective nerve monitoring during head, neck and spinal surgery has been an established standard of care for several years and The Magstim Company have been leading the way with the Neurosign range of multi-channel electromyogram (EMG) nerve monitors. The 100, 400 and 800 models help prevent nerve damage during complex surgical procedures by providing surgeons with audible feedback on the location and integrity of nerves. Reduced risk of nerve injury during surgery is an important contribution to improved patient care.

Ideal for ENT, spinal and neurosurgery, Neurosign detects very small voltages created in muscles when they contract (Compound Muscle Action Potentials – CMAP) through the positioning of un-insulated needle electrodes. When the nerve at risk is disturbed by the surgeon, the muscle it controls contracts and the nerve monitor amplifies the EMG signal and audibly alerts the surgeon.

Now coupled with the Digitimer D185 cortical stimulator, the Neurosign 800 model provides the additional functionality of being able to stimulate the motor cortex and evoke a motor volley down the spinal cord. In this way, the Neurosign 800 provides a simple and effective means of monitoring the spinal cord during selective spinal procedures.

Designed for use by theatre staff, the easy to use controls ensure the Neurosign range requires no specialist technician to operate the system. Continuous real time monitoring allows the nerve monitor to detect EMG well below the threshold of visible muscle movement and alert staff accordingly. By increasing patient safety and theatre efficiency, Neurosign is therefore a cost effective answer to routine intra-operative nerve monitoring.