By: 1 September 2007

A remarkable innovation developed by Eurospine of Paris, the HRC Cervical Locking Cages unique design provides immediate stability through a simple rotation of the blade after insertion of the cage.

The design has many benefits. A patented locking mechanism with laser marked Titanium blades ensure that, once inserted, the cage is totally secure. In addition, anatomical shaping provides a perfect fit and the option of smooth finish or serrated edges offers further options. Bone graft is aided by the provision of a large surface to encourage fusion of the implant with either real or custom fit substitute bone.

Further features include an x ray witness in the form of a titanium spot to accurately verify correct insertion. Simplified instrumentation provides ease of use and encourages swift assimilation to the surgeons skill set. Instruments also evenly distribute impact stress eliminating any risk of the cage cracking during insertion.

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