By: 1 June 2007

ACCELL (formerly ACCELL DBM100) Putty, which is derived from pure 100% nDBM, with a small amount of sterile saline added to give better handling qualities, is the most powerful nDBM derived product available today. ACCELL Putty, along with ACCELL Plus (formerly CONNEXUS), the 70% derived from nDBM product, and Orthoblast, the product which is app 40% nDBM and bone chippings from the same donor, are all part of the dose specific range of nDBMs supplied in a putty format, applied simply from a syringe in a safe, sterile method.

Reverse Phase Medium, the handling agent for ACCELL Plus and OrthoBlast, when implanted, actually becomes stiffer and resistant to both sucker and drain, leaving all of the material where the Surgeon places it, giving maximum opportunity for bone to grow. This material is removed from the patient within 36 hours, and the Surgeon is left with: 100% derived from nDBM Putty. This is only possible with these Products as THE CARRIER is ALSO 100% derived from nDBM.

Where would you use these products? Wherever you require bone healing or bone growth. The entire ISOTIS range of bone growth enhancing products, both synthetic, Allograft and derived from nDBM, are designed to enable the Surgeon to choose one, or a combination of products, to ensure that they are sufficient to top up the patients own ability to grow bone, in a dose specific fashion, cost effectively and simply.

Evidence is now growing that the future of bone growth, impaction grafting and spinal fusion success is held by composite bone grafting methods incorporating Natural Demineralised Bone Matrix (nDBMs) and scaffolds, be they allograft, autograft or synthetic.

nDBM material will give bone growth, however, it has been shown that the cascade of BMPs, and bone growth factors provided by a mixture of those nDBMs and allograft, autograft or synthetic scaffolds will achieve a stronger and faster growth, with all the benefits that offers.