The Ziehm Vision FD is a mobile digital C-arm fluoroscopy system.

It is built to the same high standard, compact dimensions and mobile design as other systems in the Ziehm range of mobile C-arms but features distortion free images from a digital flat panel detector.

The integrated amorphous silicon (aSi) flat panel detector is insensitive to fringe magnetic fields, which makes it possible to work closer to MRI sites or places where other strong magnetic fields are present such as radiotherapy units. The resulting full-screen square images replace the traditional circular images from an image intensifier; no loss of image in the corners.

The system offers surgeons an unmatched dynamic range, perfect for the visualisation of soft tissue and skeletal anatomy all within the same image. This is particularly useful in interventional radiography, vascular, neuro, trauma and specialised orthopaedic surgery. All image intensifiers suffer from a degree of image distortion whereas the distortion-free image provided by the Vision FD also makes it ideal for use with planning and surgical navigation / Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) systems.

The Ziehm Vision FD has recently been presented the Frost & Sullivan Product Innovation Award. This accolade is in recognition of its outstanding innovation in the European mobile C-arm market.