By: 9 November 2017
Cervical disc prosthesis with ROTAIO® – Implantable like a cage, moves like a disc

Every prosthesis is mobile. The aim of ROTAIO is to replicate the natural movement of a healthy disc. The solution: a variable centre of rotation, enabling physiological facet-guided movement. This ensures that the emphasis is not merely on maintaining movement, but in particular on the quality of movement of a natural disc. However complex the joint kinematics of ROTAIO, the surgical technique nevertheless remains simple. ROTAIO is implanted by the ‘gold-standard’ Smith-Robinson technique as a single component without additional preparative surgical steps. ROTAIO can therefore be described in a single phrase: Implantable like a cage – moves like a disc.


Maintaining physiological movement

  • Posteriorly oriented prosthesis design
  • Perfect adaptation to the natural anatomy
  • Variable centre of rotation
  • Corresponds to the centre of rotation of a healthy disc
  • Pure translation, uncoupled from rotation
  • Promotes facet-guided motion, no gaping of the joints



Standard surgical technique

  • One-piece prosthesis design
  • Similar to a cage implantation
  • Pre-mounted, sterile packed
  • No assembly required – ready for immediate use
  • Proven surface teeth fixation
  • High primary stability without keel preparation


Safety-first implant design

  • Posteriorly oriented centre of rotation
  • Implant positioned in front of the posterior edge
  • Instruments with depth stops
  • Guarantee simple, safe manipulation
  • Extensive mechanical testing
  • Giving your patient safe segemental movement – for life


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