By: 6 March 2014


This book is published by Quay Books, part of MA Healthcare Ltd.

Health professionals have a duty to keep up to date with skills and knowledge in order to ensure best practice for patient care. They should, at all levels, engage in CPD activities.
We need to consider CPD as an integral part of our working lives in order to become more productive and confident.

This book provides a valuable resource to help identify how to meet appraisal and revalidation requirements, by providing methods of facilitating professional development and means of recording it, addressing the needs of clinical governance.

The book comes in 128 pages. Chapters include:

  • Using critical incidents to enhance CPD
  • Utilising broadcast media as a means for enhancing CPD
  • Peer observation tool
  • Reflection
  • Journal clubs activity tool
  • Service improvement

We recommend this book to students and all healthcare professionals who are looking for a succinct, no waffle, just to the point guide on continued professional development.