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Medicrea’s outstanding knowledge in design and manufacturing is recognised worldwide. Our range of patented products has been developed with expert spinal surgeons to reduce surgery procedure time and limit “fiddle factors”. This means less trauma to your patient.

Our mission at Medicrea is to consistently deliver a professional but personal approach to the work we do. This personal approach is enshrined within one word – ENFANT – meaning CHILD in French. Every product we develop, every decision made, and every relationship formed with surgeons is backed by sensitivity and understanding illustrated by the word ENFANT. At Medicrea, we design, manufacture and bring to the market each implant and instrument as if they were to heal our own family.

Medicrea, founded in France,has specialised in the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of orthopaedic implants for spinal surgery for over 16 years. In 2006, Medicrea Technologies UK was launched to better service the growing spinal surgery market in this country. Medicrea is a dynamic SME with a distinctively innovative culture that enjoys a solid reputation and has close working relationships with surgeons specialising in the spine. Led by Clive Emblen, the UK team are perfectly positioned to meet the innovative needs of the sector having over 10 years’ experience demonstrating our spinal implants whilst in the surgical theatre.

Medicrea has a distinct heritage in surgical innovation that make it stand out. Medicrea’s medical devices provide real advances in terms of both facilitation and acceleration of implantation, as well as prosthetic crowding, while offering new functionalities. The experienced, innovative teams that master the entire design, prototyping and manufacturing processes within the company allow Medicrea to be perfectly in step with market trends.

Medicrea offers a complementary range of products covering the entire family of spinal pathologies, from scoliosis to specific cervical disc issues and degenerative problems relating to thorico-lumbar level.


The ever-evolving needs of today’s spinal surgeons drove Medicrea to develop their newest product, the C-JAWS cervical compressive staple. C-JAWS is a cervical compressive intersomatic stabiliser intended to secure an anterior cervical arthrodesis.

The C-JAWS implantation is very fast (less than 5 minutes) and safe due to the patented 3-in-1 instrument that permits implant holding, impaction and distraction. This system is much less invasive than a cervical plate (lower profile plus midline insertion means no lateral screws), leading to less risk of dysphagia. It is made of pure titanium t40, not shape memory alloy. European surgeons who have been using C-JAWS for the past two years for anterior cervical arthrodesis reported that fusion seems to occur faster than with their previous technique (cervical plate), and that patients complain less of post-operative neck pain. As a consequence, an international multicentre clinical trial has recently begun with the aim of evaluating and scientifically quantifying the observed patient benefits of this new technique.


Based on the polyaxiality of every component, the PASS System offers versatility and efficiency in the posterior fixation of the spine. PASSmed is composed of screws, rods, connectors, transverse links, hooks and claw-hooks which make it easy to assemble for the surgeon and provides the greater stability required for the patient’s long-term treatment. Polyaxiality reduces the stress at the rod/ connector interface thus permitting one or multilevel fixation for degenerative surgery as well as long fixations for tumoral or deformity surgeries. The PASSmed system is unique in the market.


IMPACTED CERVICAL CAGE – available in various sizes of implants for fusing and stabilising degenerative levels while providing a good neurological decompression. The anatomical shape of the IMPIX Cervical cages (IMPIX-C and IMPIX-C+) together with the upper ridging and the lower pins offers the patients an efficient self-stabilised fusion solution.

IMPACTED CERVICAL CAGE PRE-FILLED WITH BONE SUBSTITUTE – in order to avoid the need for a donor site (iliac crest)and all the problems linked to this step of bone collection (morbidity, pain) and the risk to damage the implant during the graft compaction, Medicrea decided to develop a pre-filled cervical cage. The insert is composed of 100%ß-tricalcium phosphate (ß-TCP)a synthetic bone substitute well-known (over 15 years of clinical experience) for its biocompatibility and in-depth osteoconductivity. It is Biological Safety Guaranteed (gamma radiation – Red Sterilization Indicator).


MEDICREA offers a wide range of different types of cages manufactured in PEEK Optima with respect to the anatomy of the intervertebral space. Safety in use and stability over time guarantees that correction of sagittal equilibrium and neurological decompression is maintained.

IMPACTED LUMBAR CAGES (IMPIX-L) – insertion is facilitated by a bi-convex design (respecting the anatomy of the vertebral endplates), a profiled anterior extremity while the ridges prevent the migration during the fusion process. The implants are proposed in various dimensions and lordotic angles enabling appropriate lordosis to be restored.

LUMBAR RAMPS (IMPIX-LR) – minimal posterior approach is made possible thanks to the horizontal introduction of this specifically profiled implant. The implants are proposed in various dimensions and lordotic angles enabling appropriate lordosis to be restored.

THREADED LUMBAR CAGES (NEOVIX-L) – insertion is facilitated by a bi-convex design (respecting the anatomy of the vertebral endplates), a profiled anterior extremity and the possibility to turn the implants until the proper position is reached and the two “flat” areas corresponding to the bone graft surfaces are in contact with the endplates. These implants are available in various sizes.


Calcium Phosphate Ceramic: 60% Hydroxyapatite / 40% ß-Tricalcium Phosphate.Medicrea has made the choice to develop a bone substitute that would enhance the colonisation by the cells and permit the best revascularisation. The manufacturing process chosen guarantees an excellent interconnected porosity ranging from 60 to 80% with a macropore size ranging from 200 to 500 μm (compatible with human bone-cell size). The associated micropores of 5μm allow the penetration of the fluids and the nutriments. Our ceramic offers excellent integration in both cortical and cancellous bone.

GRANULES – several package sizes (5cc,10cc,16cc and 24cc) are available to optimize the quantity needed during the surgical procedure.

STICKS – these are available in 5x5x20 mm size and 5 sticks are inserted in the box. This product will allow the surgeon to fill in bigger gaps.

To book a meeting with one of our specialist sales team or to view a demonstration, please contact us at: or 01223 813725.

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