By: 14 March 2024
24-26 June 2024, EUROSPINE Education Week; Strasbourg, France

EduWeek, short for Education Week, is the society’s flagship educational event.

Held in late June or early July, EduWeek offers basic and advanced surgical spine courses in a dedicated location, to foster lifelong learning and promote the latest surgical spine care education.

EduWeek is a hybrid educational event that adopts a blended learning approach. It consists of two components:

PART 1: Online self-paced e-learning (asynchronous)

Participants acquire knowledge through the online component, consisting of recorded video lectures and graded quizzes to test the content covered.

PART 2: Face-to-face event (synchronous):

Content covered in PART 1 is discussed in case based discussions and skills workshops, further deepening the learning.

For more information and to book your place, visit: EduWeek EUROSPINE