By: 9 November 2023
21-22 February 2024, Cape Town Hands-on Cadaveric Workshops; South Africa

An immersive learning experience that allows attendees to engage in hands-on cadaveric workshops focused on cervical spine surgery, fostering practical skill development and knowledge exchange.

The team at NSpine are delighted to invite you to join them in Cape Town at the state of the art Sunskill Laboratory, housed in the Biomedical Research Institute of Stellenbosch University for the first intermediate and advanced level cadaveric training course on cervical approaches and reconstructive techniques. Their International and local faculty are selected for their recognised expertise and teaching ability, including several of the most renowned minimally invasive and reconstructive cervical spine surgeons. Two delegates will be allocated per workstation with rotating faculty to optimise training exposure. Delegates are typically experienced surgeons from across the globe who seek out NSpine training events – and especially the faculty – to hone their skills and acquire new cutting edge techniques. This workshop in particular is addressed at surgeons with an interest in cervical spine surgery but as yet limited experience. Faculty will scale the workshop complexity according to delegate experience to allow individual training needs to be met

You will find the prospectus for the Cape Town event here.