By: 23 February 2023
23 March 2023, 1st International Meeting of Spinal Registries; RNOH Stanmore

1st International Meeting of Spinal Registries

With the increase in regulation in Europe with the MDR (Medical Device Regulations) and in the UK with the UKCA (United Kingdom Compliance Assessment), it has become very likely that manufacturers are going to be approaching registries for data about their implants so they can meet the requirements for new and legacy devices. Without it they will find it very difficult to sell their implants 

Recently ODEP for Spine (The Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel) has benchmarked several Cervical Disc Replacements and it was noted that there was no data submitted by manufacturers from registries in their submissions.  

ODEP is certainly aware of there being several national spinal registries in existence besides the UK British Spinal Registry (BSR) and Spine Tango. 

This is why, with the increasing number maturity of spinal registries, we thought  it would be worth holding a meeting so that the issues around the need for registry data could be discussed. As importantly, it was thought that there would almost certainly be significant advantages for members of each registry to meet and share experiences.  

From our initial enquiries we have found that, as we had hoped, that these thoughts have chimed with others and so we have gone ahead preparing the programme below and the necessary arrangement. 

 We realise that many of the registries are based a long way from the UK and in completely different time zones. Whilst we hope that as many people as possible will be able to meet face to face a video link will also be available. You will see that most of the first part will probably be of more interest to European delegates and the latter part more lined up with the clocks in other parts of the world 

Thanks to the generosity of the RNOH and NEC, there will be no charge for attendance at the meeting but paying for accommodation and the dinner at a local hotel will be the responsibility of delegates. 



Anyone, interested in Spinal Registries is welcome to attend. Already several speakers have asked if they can bring along their colleagues either on line or face to face. They are all most welcome but we will need to know names. 

Further details 

Anyone wishing for further details about the meeting should contact Keith Tucker (, 00441603 759 4700) or about RNOH they should contact Anne Boutle (