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Researchers create personalised organoid models for rare spinal cancer

A new study adds to a growing body of evidence that organoids – lab-grown collections of cells that mimic a patient’s tumour – are a promising avenue for drug discovery


Engineers develop surgical ‘duct tape’ as an alternative to sutures

A staple on any engineer’s workbench, duct tape is a quick and dependable fix for cracks and tears in many structural materials. MIT engineers have now developed a kind of


ROTAIO® from Signus – approved clinical benefit

Clinical outcome and ROM analysis after single-level cervical total disc replacement using a cervical disc prosthesis Does exact implant positioning play a central role in the clinical outcome of patients?


Cavendish Medical Column – Tax payment scheme deadline looming

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth on how to apply for tax charge help If you would like the government to pay a tax bill caused by breaching annual pension savings limits in