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Covid-19: spine surgeons exhibiting elevated anxiety and uncertainty for the future

A global survey examining the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on healthcare professionals has revealed “elevated anxiety and uncertainty for the future” among 902 participating spine surgeons. Results from the


Initial Vivex VIA Disc study shows promising potential of injectable treatment option

A non-surgical, injectable treatment option from Vivex for sufferers of chronic lower back pain brought about by degenerative disc disease has shown significant improvements in patients, according to a recently


New injection technique may boost spinal cord injury repair efforts

Writing in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, an international research team, led by physician-scientists at University of California San Diego School of Medicine, describe a new method for delivering


Nevro Corp receives CE mark for Senza Omnia SCS

Nevro Corp, a global medical device company providing solutions for the treatment of chronic pain, has received CE mark approval for the Senza Omnia Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system. The


Early spinal patterns may predict scoliosis in teen years

A researcher at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has identified patterns of spinal curvature in younger children that may be likely to develop into scoliosis by adolescence. “This was the


Most surgeons in pain after surgery, Mayo research finds

Almost two-thirds of surgeons reported an increase in neck pain after performing surgery, and one-quarter rated their neck or lower back pain as clinically significant, a new Mayo Clinic study has found.


Foraminotomy mainstreaming in neurosurgery – Onset of minimally invasive surgery paving the way

Alice Ajit Mutum, of Future Market Insights, looks at how advanced technologies in the operating room are rapidly changing the practice and science of spine surgery At the centre of


Money Matters – Will the government sort the pensions tax issue in the Budget?

Dr Benjamin Holdsworth on the expected government announcements Government ministers have ‘hinted’ that substantial tax reform will be announced in the Budget to alleviate punitive tax charges on doctors’ pensions.