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12 October 2018, Trauma and the shoulder joint; London

Message from the organisers: Dear colleagues, The first GECO UK Course will take place on 12 October, 2018, in London. Dan Rossouw and the Venus Group are pleased to welcome


Lab-grown neurons improve breathing in mice after spinal cord injury

Researchers from Drexel University College of Medicine and the University of Texas at Austin improved respiratory function in rodents with spinal cord injuries after successfully transplanting a special class of


Experimental drug restores some bladder function after spinal cord injury

An experimental drug that blocks abnormal neural communication after spinal cord injury could one day be the key to improving quality of life by improving bladder function, new research suggests.


30-31 August 2018, 3rd International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders; London

Allied Academies welcomes delegates from around the globe to the “International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders ” from August 30-31, 2018, in London, UK. The fundamental theme of the Conference is “Exploration and Innovations Which Contribute Hand Towards