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Volunteer honoured by national award for work at spinal cord injury charity

A volunteer who has dedicated more than two decades to the work of a leading spinal cord injury charity has said she is “humbled” after receiving a national honour. Julie


Neurokinex: redefining possibilities for people with paralysis

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Neurokinex is the UK’s leading provider of neurological activity-based rehabilitation. With sites at Watford, Bristol and Crawley, Neurokinex is the only European affiliate of the Christopher & Dana


New treatment for spinal muscular atrophy safe for infants

Infants as young as five weeks old with the most severe form of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) can be treated safely with nusinersen, according to research published online in The Lancet.


Effects of laser tissue welding for spina bifida repair

Researchers in Texas have studied the effects of laser tissue welding on the spinal cord and skin in the hope that it may help with the development of new surgical


Risk of PJK following lumbar spinal fusion depends on level of spine fused

The surgical correction of adult spinal deformities often involves realigning the lower portion of the spine, or the ‘lumbar’ spine. Yet despite significant advances in spinal surgery, modifying the curvature


Increased risk of postop infection when surgery closely follows epidural steroid injection

Research conducted at the University of Virginia suggests that patients may wish to take a 1 to 3 month break from receiving a lumbar epidural steroid injection (LESIs) before undergoing