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Vertebroplasty Procedures Simplified For Nursing Staff and Interventional Radiologists

In order to support the growing number of vertebroplasty procedures taking place, Summit Medical have added new products to their range of bone cement mixing products in the form of

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The M6®-C Artificial Cervical Disc

The M6-C artificial cervical disc offers an innovative option for artificial cervical disc replacement because of its unique design which is based on a natural discs qualities. Engineered to replicate

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Stealth Surgical Vu ACF Retractor Systems

Stealth Surgical offers every available retractor set for ACF procedures with several additional excellent benefits to current available systems: the new push button design of the retractor body allows side

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Quantum™ Spinal Rod System

Pioneer Surgical Technology successfully introduced its low profile Quantum Spinal Rod System (QSRS) in Europe. The Quantum system can be considered as the next generation spinal rodding technology. Fast, consistent

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NuNec™ Cervical Arthroplasty System

With the introduction of the P3 (Pioneer PEEK-on-PEEK) line, Pioneer has exceeded in innovative motion preserving devices with the NuBac, BacJac and NuNec systems. Pioneers P3 motion preservation products offer


BacJac™ Interspinous Decompression System

Pioneer Surgical Technology launched P3 (Pioneer Peek-on-Peek) Technology product, the BacJac Interspinous Decompression System. The BacJac system is designed to relieve pain in patients with Neurogenic Intermittent Claudication (NIC) due

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Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain in Patients with Spinal Deformities Using a Sagittal Re-alignment Brace

Background For adult scoliosis patients with chronic low back pain bracing is initially indicated before spinal surgery is considered. Until recently there has been a lack of research into the

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Management of High Grade Spondylolisthesis

Introduction High grade spondylolisthesis includes severe slips more than 50% and includes Meyerding's Grades III to V. Most often they are isthmic in nature and involve L5-S1. The patients can

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A Challenge to Product Development Engineers: An Alternative to Pedicle Screws for Dynamic Stabilization of the Spine

Nearly all spine companies with extensive product portfolios have some type of dynamic stabilization system. Nearly all use conventional pedicle screws for fixation. One can certainly understand why. The companies