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FundamentalVR launches immersive spine surgical training into medical students’ homes

FundamentalVR, producers of immersive technology to improve the way surgeons are trained, recently announced the expansion of its educational platform, Fundamental Surgery, with the addition of a new education modality


17,000 doctors and nurses training during COVID-19 using virtual simulation technology

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals worldwide have an urgent need for doctors and nurses. Huge numbers of retired doctors and nurses have been called up – 20,000 in the


Age-related changes to the cartilaginous tissue of the spine could invite painful nerve growth

Researchers say they have added to evidence that the vast majority of low back pain in people may be rooted in an overgrowth of pain-sensing nerves into spinal cartilaginous tissue.


Older adults who ‘train’ for a major operation spend less time in the hospital

Older adults who “train” for a major operation by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and practising stress reduction techniques preoperatively have shorter hospital stays and are more likely to return


A new generation of African surgeons will be trained thanks to £50,000 donated by English Freemasons

Thousands of seriously ill people across Africa, who have no access to surgeons, will now be treated thanks to a major new surgical training programme funded by Freemasons in England


Spine surgery is ‘safe’ in patients of advanced age

The world’s population is steadily growing older. This can be seen most readily in Japan, where elderly people (ages 65 years and older) currently make up a quarter of the


NHS Digital to be handed more powers to help counter Covid-19 spread

New powers have been given to NHS Digital as part of measures to help counter the spread of Covid-19. This includes collecting and analysing data to help doctors, nurses and


10 November, Oswestry Spinal Course for GPs and AHPs; Oswestry

This spinal course is aimed towards GPs, physiotherapy practitioners and extended scope practitioners interested in increasing their understanding about spinal conditions and their diagnoses. It is important for all concerned


4-5 November 2020, The Oswestry Two-day Spinal Imaging Course; Oswestry

This two day course of clinically based lectures and interactive case based discussion addressing all areas of Spinal Imaging (including Trauma) serves as a focus to facilitate problem solving in


24-26 September 2020, 9th Fragility Fracture Network Global Congress; Canada

The 9th FFN Global Congress will take place from 24–26 September 2020. Our congress motto “Ensuring Smooth Transitions in Fracture Care and Management” points out that post-fracture care requires involvement of professionals